Mother to All

Get to know Emma Maseko, Peter Maseko’s wife in M4M’s second weekly spotlight.

Peter is the medical officer and pastor, but what about his wife, Emma Maseko? Emma, like Peter, made a huge sacrifice by donating all of her time and energy to helping the Salima community. While Peter is the father, Emma is the mother to not only her 8 children, but to all of the orphans who call the Pothawira Village home.

Emma is the manager of all of the orphan homes and manages all of the Mommas who oversee the orphans. There are currently 10 Mommas, one for every ten children and two infants. These women, like all those who commute and work at the village are volunteers.

Emma Maseko helps care for all of these children and helps to ensure their continued care and furthered education.She makes sure they are fed, clothed and that they always do their homework, just like our own mothers!



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