New Year, New Steering Committee


Starting 2015 by putting our best foot forward, we’ve hand picked a brand new Steering Committee to take Mizzou for Malawi even further in the coming year. Each member was selected based on their passion and sense of responsibility to promoting education for all children in the global community. Each person brings a fresh take, loads of ideas, and their own unique skills to contribute to the team.

In order to encourage Steering Committee bonding early on this year, we hosted a retreat where old and new members could come together and learn more about each other as well as the children we work so hard for: the students of the Pothawira Village. Pictures from the retreat are below!

We settled on goals for the organization as a whole to accomplish in the next year. We want to make Mizzou for Malawi a campus-wide name at Mizzou, as well as develop strong bonds among the members. We’re also aiming to be fully transparent among each subcommittee and fully utilize each member’s talents. Each person was given a $350 fundraising goal for the year, to be accomplished through canning events, tabling on campus and individual efforts. We’re also aiming to sell more tickets, merchandise and sponsorships than ever before. Lastly, we want to increase activity on all of our social media platforms and continue to engage students, parents and alumni in all of the work we do.

Going forward, we are planning multiple canning events, the first of which will be April 2nd. Mark your calendars! We’re also starting to design new merchandise for the semester, so be on the lookout for pictures and links to those on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Speaking for the entire 2015 SteerCo, this year is going to be one for the books and we absolutely can’t wait to get started!

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