About Mizzou for Malawi

Mizzou for Malawi is a “students for students” organization raising money to secure the future education and enrich the lives of orphaned students in Salima, Malawi. Through the hard work and dedication of countless enthusiastic volunteers, Mizzou for Malawi provides the opportunity for these children to become educated members of their community. All money raised will continue to support the academic development of orphans in the Pothawira village in Salima. To date, Mizzou for Malawi has raised over $40,000.

Mizzou for Malawi was started in 2008 by three students who teamed up with the Global Orphan Project to create an organization that aims to make a difference in the world . Since 2008, we have raised enough money to build and fund a primary school for the 104 orphans at the Pothawira Village (Safe Haven) in Salima, Malawi as well as provide all of the orphans with school uniforms. We are proud to announce that the primary school celebrated the conclusion of its first full year in operation. This is a tremendous milestone in the growth of the school, but Mizzou for Malawi’s work is not over. Our new focus is to provide the funds to complete the interior of the primary school, finish furnishing the classrooms with desks, and begin construction on a secondary school.

Contact Mizzou for Malawi:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the three directors at mizzouformalawi@gmail.com.

We can also be reached via Facebook or Twitter!