Father to All

Check out M4M’s weekly spotlight blog post on members of the Pothawira village staff, as well as orphans affected by our advocacy.

How did the Pothawira Village, which provides sanctuary to so many young orphans, come into existence? Well the actual Chichewa translation of Pothawira is “Safe Haven.” So who decided to dedicate their life to making this safe haven a possibility? That would be Peter Maseko.

Maseko founded the Pothawira Village in 2011 with monetary assistance from Mizzou for Malawi and guidance from the Global Orphan Project. Maseko, along with his wife Emma and 8 children, turned away from the possibility of financial success and sacrificed their lives to serving the Salima community, specifically the growing population of orphan children.

Maseko, a trained medical officer and pastor, runs not just a medical clinic on the 50 acre property of the Pothawira Village, but also manages multiple children’s homes and a full functioning primary school, which doubles as a church. The village is run entirely by volunteers like Peter and his family, that feel they have a calling to help and serve the Salima community.

We’re Back!

Learn about what the Mizzou for Malawi Steering Committee advocates for and how we achieve our goals.

Mizzou for Malawi is a student organization created in 2008 by three passionate students who decided to team up with the Global Orphan Project. They were then paired with an amazing community called the Pothawira Village, in Salima, Malawi. What the Steering Committee advocates for is continuous funding of the village so that they can thrive and be able to continue running a school and church, as well as house hundreds of orphans.

During M4M’s time at Mizzou, the SteerCo has raised over $25,000. This money helped build the primary school for the village. What we are advocating for now is the upkeep of this facility, as well as the building of a brand new secondary school. Two of our amazing members were able to travel to the Pothawira Village and were blessed enough to witness the first graduation from the primary school.

As a SteerCo, our goal this year is to double our funds and be able to break ground on the secondary school, giving the orphans that live in Pothawira, as well as the youth in the community, the chance to be able to obtain a higher education.

Make sure to watch out for chances to raise money and get involved with Mizzou for Malawi!