29 Reasons We Support Mizzou for Malawi

The Steering Committee members have been working tirelessly to put together an amazing fall fundraiser and raise money for the children of the Pothawira village. We wanted to share all of the reasons we feel so passionately about our cause, and why you should too! Here are 29 reasons, one from each member of SteerCo, to support Mizzou for Malawi.

  1. Education can be the pathway to freedom, success and equality. We provide that for children who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it, from halfway around the world. – Taylor ReidDSC_0600
  2. Because the children in Malawi are just like children in the US: they have dreams, passions and wishes for the future. By giving them the opportunity for an education, the sky is the limit for their future. – Erika Trombley
  3. To be privileged with the opportunity of working with children who have experienced such a different walk of life than myself and being able to serve them in whatever way possible. – Louie Kaczmarek
  4. Mizzou for Malawi gives opportunities. With education these children have the opportunity to grow and escape poverty. They can change the world. – Marcy Toni
  5. We can extend our passions to give these children a bright future half way around the world! – Allison Watkins
  6. You know you’re part of a truly special organization when you meet the founders of the Pothawira village and all you can manage to do is thank them over and over again. All of our hard work and dedication here at Mizzou is nothing compared to what they do each and every day in Malawi, so just being a single tiny piece of that puzzle is an honor. – Jenn CroftBzc2mSKIgAAKENU
  7. Anything we do to help these kids shows them we are on their side. Even though the odds are against them, we can equip them to break the cycle and rise above their circumstances. – Jillian Mullin
  8. Any organization that works to give children the opportunity to learn, explore, and develop the skills necessary to follow their dreams is a cause worth working with and Mizzou for Malawi does just that. – Melanie Pittaluga
  9. Because I was lucky enough to get an education and it’s only right that I give that back to others. – Meghan Lake
  10. Being able to provide a loving, nurturing environment for the children of the Pothawira Village is truly inspiring. Giving over 100 orphans not only an education, but a better life is the best feeling in the world.  – Maddy Weinert
  11. Lack of education is one of the biggest hangups in human progression and giving these kids the chance to become educated is a small way I can personally say I’ve helped advance humanity. – GL RichardsonB1nFsFfCMAEwjUT
  12. I love being a part of something bigger than myself and helping others have a brighter future. It reminds me to be grateful for all I have and give back to someone else. – Marissa Anz
  13. Because we are giving the children of Malawi the biggest gift of all, the gift of education. And with education they have the ability to change the world. – Reena Bhagat
  14. It’s unique and personal. – Alex Mallot
  15. Because I love seeing what our efforts are going towards in the pictures of all the happy, smiling kids. It lets me know I’m making a difference. – Kali Boland
  16. You don’t even have to ask, you already know it’s true: Every single one of us Steering Committee members is beyond proud to be a part of this organization. – Tess Rusbarsky
  17. Because with Mizzou for Malawi, we get to see the change that we make in the lives and education of children. – Caroline Kennard
  18. M4M allows me to enhance the spectrum of opportunities for children who need it most. Not to mention doing so with 30 of my best friends. – Michael BaldettiDSC_0639
  19. Because knowledge is power and empowering children to change their lives empowers me. – Caroline O’Reilly
  20. We all want to make a difference. – Kelly Moyers
  21. M4M is powerful because it’s tangible; having the opportunity to be in direct contact with the children and volunteers fuels ours efforts and makes the meaning behind the work so much more impacting. – Hannah Morrey
  22. Taking a few hours a week to change someone else’s live gives you a new and amazing perspective on the world. – Morgan Ramos
  23. I believe everyone should have the same opportunity I was blessed with. – Zach Nichols
  24. Giving hope to these children and their futures is so important. Spending a few hours a week doing service for them is the least we can do and we have so much fun doing it. – Frankiejo GrippiDSC_0995
  25. Because the power of education can change the world. – Lindsey Vigoda
  26. I just love that Mizzou for Malawi has created a passion for all of us and we are able to spread that passion and dedication to our community members, while also fueling a passion for education all the way across the world. – Kristin Halford
  27. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Elliott Voss/Nelson Mandela
  28. Mizzou for Malawi is a living testament that college kids from Missouri can have profound impacts on children they may never meet. It also proves that children in Malawi, Africa can have profound impacts on students they may never meet. – Nathan Hansen
  29. Because with education, you can change a nation. Mizzou for Malawi creates real change. – Hannah Satterlee

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